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JOURNEY UNLIMITED THE TRIBUTE is the most fun you can have at a tribute show with your clothes on. The music is right on target (it’s all hits), the vocals are phenomenal and smiles abound.


The performance and audience involvement are the main focus. Having the crowd wanting more (after an hour and a half of non-stop Journey music) and giving it to them was the vision from the units inception.


The musicians are EXTREMELY talented and the frontline are true showmen.... and don’t get us started with the monster vocals.....

If you like the music of Journey and want to be dancing in the aisle and even have a dance with the singer or guitar player all you have to do is catch their eye and smile....

When you go to a Journey Unlimited The Tribute show you don’t get a stale impersonation show with lackluster vocals, semi inspired costuming or musicians who’s feet are mired in concrete.  What you get is an exhilarating SHOW that keeps you dancing and humming the tunes till waaaay after the show is over and your blood sugar drops from sheer exhaustion.


If you don’t come away from a Journey Unlimited The Tribute show with a spring in your step, a smile on your face and an urge to pick up another copy of "Journey's Greatest Hits" then you don’t have a pulse......

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